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He has launched two blogs (The Princeples of Dating & The Princeples of Business) which reach 50,000 readers quarterly, in addition to running a digital media news site he started. Last year, he co-founded a creative publishing firm which “provides design, printing, digital publishing and marketing services for independent authors.” He has also worked as an executive speech writer. And, oh yeah, Matt Prince is Disney’s Social Media Manager. Or as he puts it, “I pretty much have the coolest job in the world.”

In April, I had the pleasure of hearing Matt Prince speak at an event run by Syracuse University’s PRSSA chapter. Honestly, I went because I am a Disney fanatic and wanted to hear all about how cool it must be to work alongside Mickey Mouse all day. However, I was surprised when Matt barely spoke of Disney at all. He focused his lecture on the power of personal branding.  He used himself as an example of how networking, working extremely hard, and putting the best version of yourself out there 24/7 is crucial to success.

I think looking at all that Matt does professionally is important because in 2013, it’s often not enough to have a degree in one thing and focus all energy solely on that skill. A diverse and refined skillset is often what it takes to stand out. Matt refers to this as your “sparkle.” What sets you apart from 600 other resumes on a desk? His advice is to find what makes you special and different and live that out every day.

Matt has tons of advice on how to make it. Sit back and enjoy the interview (and the view) with him below:


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  1. Tiffany Trias says:

    Great job Kevin! Your questions were clear and concise. I look forward to reading and viewing more of your work! Wishing you all the best in your endeavors!

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